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Teresa Irizarry was born in Houston, TX, raised in Utah, Kansas and Texas. She lives in New Jersey and Arizona. She trained to be a chemist until the last semester of undergraduate school when she realized she would graduate more quickly with a degree in mathematics. Now she satisfies her chemical curiosity cooking in the kitchen, sometimes to the chagrin of her kids. For 33 years she worked as engineer for the large corporation that funded her engineering graduate education, meeting memorable brilliant people from all over the world pursuing the American Dream.

When her five-year-old son reviewed the family tree kindergarten assignment spanning fourteen generations in multiple lines, he crumpled his brow in study for a long pause. The poster size tree included shipwrecks, soldiers on both sides of the civil war, religious activists, English Colonists and American pioneers. He had one comment. “Mom, I was just sure Chuck Yeager would be in there somewhere.”

After the death of her first husband, Teresa used exercise to combat grief. She became an endurance athlete, eventually completing as her A event the Iditasport a 100 mile race over ice and snow.

Teresa is a follower of Jesus Christ, though flawed — in other words just like his other followers. As such, she is utterly reliant on the grace of God, which she finds in the Roman Catholic, Baptist, Moravian and non-denominational traditions.


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