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Thomas Jefferson was not the original architect of the separation of church and state. Instead, the movement found its voice 150 years earlier in Roger Williams, who refused to accept the status quo. Rekindled takes you on a journey alongside Roger Williams, a Christian revolutionary, and Miantonomoh, an Algonquian prince, as they traverse the 17th century’s wars, power struggles, and political turmoil.

Order this historical fiction masterpiece to embark on a rich and vivid adventure with intricate twists and turns as well as spectacular imagery and characterization. Teresa Irizarry has given you more than a simple separation of church and state book. She invites you to open your mind and expand your knowledge as you immerse yourself in this historical narrative about real communities and real events.

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To learn more about the adventure that awaits you inside this book, visit the summary page. There, you can follow a link to an excerpt to get your first taste of this story. Or order your copy of this Roger Williams historical novel now to get the full experience.

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Teresa Irizarry was born in Houston, TX, raised in Utah, Kansas and Texas. She lives in New Jersey and Arizona. She trained to be a chemist until the last semester of undergraduate school when she realized she would graduate more quickly with a degree in mathematics…

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